cmms-benefitsBetter know your Assets

An efficient maintenance is necessarily associated with a thorough knowledge of your assets. Full Web based CMMS allows you to create a centralized repository of your equipment, technical documentation, history, fault analysis and your indicators. The availability of this information on your intranet or via the internet improves the dissemination of information. The company’s maintenance knowledge is immediately available to all authorized employees (first-level maintenance, technician, etc.)

Accurate monitoring of maintenance

All stages of the maintenance process must be controlled and standardized in order to quickly meet the requirements of the standards. Full Web based CMMS like is based on configurable work-flows which cover all stages from a request for maintenance to its resolution. The various interlocutors (applicant, safety manager, production person, subcontractors, …) are directly notified. A validation of the work carried out can be done by the applicant in compliance with the ISO standards.

A thorough analysis for a better quality of service

The analysis tools at your disposal make it possible to anticipate and predict the actions to be carried out. A CMMS provides numerous analyzes: operation, efficiency of maintenance operations, costs and much more. All these elements coupled with diagnostic KPI’s allow to validate the frequencies defined in the preventive maintenance plans and to define new ones according to events occurring during a reference period. This will allow you to better manage your supplies and reduce your storage costs, lowering your human resource needs.

Total control of costs and information

Cost analysis makes it possible to better target the assets to be replaced, the defective parts and the quality of the suppliers. The dashboard at a glance at the  start of the software provides you all the essential details of your assets. Examples: Unused Assets, New work orders to be processed, work orders overdue, parts to be replenished, etc.

Unlimited availability

You or your technicians must be informed in real time of the new work order requests for maintenance, the state of progress. You want your technicians to have the technical documentation in their pocket. Mobile friendly CMMS like allows you to work with your smart-phones making it more easy.


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